Preventative Maintenance

D&C Lifts have developed a defined strategy in the field of maintenance for all types of lifts ranging from and including passenger lifts, goods lifts, dumbwaiters and disabled access lifts. Our approach to maintenance is based on both planned and preventative servicing schedules.

Our aim is to keep lifts reliable and to identify any potential problems before they occur. Our service agreements are available in either basic or comprehensive format and can be tailored to suit specific needs; both agreements also allow access to our emergency call out service for attendance to breakdowns.

SAFed Service

D&C Lifts are able to offer the full range of examinations and testing as detailed in the guidelines on the supplementary tests of in service lifts 2006. These examinations are a systematic and detailed examination of the lift and all its associated equipment of which the aim is to detect any defects, which are or may become, dangerous.

These examinations should not be confused with preventative maintenance although they have some elements in common they are not intended to replace it. Maintenance involves replacing worn or damaged parts, topping up fluid levels and making routine adjustments. Thorough examinations should include the following:

  • Earth continuity
  • Electrical safety devices
  • Terminal speed reduction systems
  • Landing door interlocks
  • Lift machine
  • Safety gears
  • Over speed governors
  • Energy dissipation buffers
  • Suspension system
  • Car overload detection
  • Hydraulic system
  • Hydraulic cylinders in boreholes
  • Hydraulic rupture/restrictor valves
  • Anti-creep device
  • Low pressure detection
  • Brake and levelling
  • Car counterweight balance

On completion of these examinations we will provide a certificate of examination detailing the examinations carried out complete with our findings, which will include where required any remedial action.