Stair access is often taken for granted by the majority of people, however for other people stairs can represent a real problem even a barrier. At D&C Lifts we recognise the problems faced by the mobility impaired and to that end we have many solutions for overcoming the stair barrier.

Variety of options available...

Our stair lift solutions cater for many types of staircase varieties whether curved, straight or narrow in nature. We offer 3 different models that cater for differing forms of impaired mobility from the wheelchair user to disabilities, which require the user to be in the standing position.


Our straight staircase stair lifts are designed to run on a single extruded aluminium track and are available with many options ranging from powered swivel seat to automatic power hinged track.


Our curved staircase stair lifts are designed to run on an aesthetically pleasing singular steel tube track and as with our straight track stair lifts they are available with similar powered seat and hinged track options.


Our wheelchair carrying stair lifts are designed to carry the wheelchair plus user and are available with tracks for running on either a straight or curved staircase. Options for these lifts include retractable bars, foldable seat and special sized platforms.